Sue J.

Manager, Captain of the Ship, Lagoon Creek #1 Fan

Coming to work at Lagoon Creek is such a pleasure – our environment is peaceful and harmonious and our staff members are supportive and respectful of each other. Every day we get to be creative, enjoy laughs and help make your visits a memorable experience. We are all very proud of L.C.C. and the level of professionalism we enjoy.



Pocket Rocket, Cultural Consultant

I always had an interest in healthcare and hospitality to help and serve people. I am very honoured to work for Better Together, because I have the opportunity to get to know wonderful, kind people with disabilities and they make me laugh and are such heart-warming people. I really enjoy working in the café because we work together as a team and it matters really much to me that I work with the best manager I have known.

Sue L.

Den Mother, Purveyor of Big Laughs

Lagoon Creek is a great place to work. I don’t feel like I’m going to work - it’s where I go to be with friends.



De-stress Consultant, Snuggle Connoisseur

Pootie is a 5 year old Toy Poodle, she has been working at Lagoon Creek Café for the past 18 months on a part time basis. She assists with customer service, de-stressing people with anxiety, helping people communicate on different levels but mostly she enjoys just being around people, sharing the love.

While working Pootie has enjoyed podium seating beside Politicians, hair styling on site and almost Rockstar status, she still loves rolling around on the grass just as much. Pootie is a very valued staff member.



Supportive Supervisor, Coffee Connoisseur

I have worked in the café since it opened in 2011. I first started working for the Caboolture Community work co-operative mowing lawns and cleaning business offices. My life has changed from living rough, to living in my own private rental, where I enjoy privacy and a peaceful life. Working in the café has given me a feeling of real purpose in life and confidence to enjoy life on my own terms. I often get asked to do public speaking, and I really enjoy it.

I really enjoy working in the café, I get to know all of the customers on a first name basis because they keep coming back. They enjoy the good food and good service, and they tell me how good I am at my job. We work very hard in the café and function room, we love what we do and we have fun working together as a team.

I am often invited to speak publicly, and I really enjoy it. My story might help others understand just how important having a job is. And I always give Lagoon creek café and function room a plug.



Supreme Customer Service Provider

I have worked at Lagoon Creek Café for over 6 years and it’s the best place that I could ever imagine working at. I enjoy earning money and its fantastic meeting people every day. I work with a great team, we all get on really, really well. Most of the time we work extremely hard, but we help each other. We laugh together, we enjoy each other’s company and we love to stir and joke around.



Good Humour Supplier & Continuity Expert

I started working in the café nearly a year ago now, I love coming to work. I get new skills and I love the people I work with. It is a great job. Having this job makes me feel proud of myself that I can do a good job. I learned how to make meatballs and they sold out very quick. They are called “Shae’s special meatballs with wholemeal spaghetti”. I have gained other skilled too, like serving people their food. There is always lots to do in the café and function room. I have met new friends and work mates.



Creative Recipe Encyclopedia

I have worked here for 3 months. I like working with all the people and we have a great environment. I like working and earning money, I can pay for my own driving lessons. We like sitting down and finding new recipes and cooking them.



Technician of all things Shiny & Polished

I like helping customers. I always make sure everything is clean and ready for the café and function room. We are nice to our customers and always smile. I like coming to work and earning money. I like finding new recipes.  And we have fun and laugh.



HeartWalk Specialist

I have worked here for more than a year and I like coming to work.


In-house Creative Artist & Designer

I have worked here since the café opened in 2011. I get excited about coming to work and the money really helps. It is a no stress environment which makes coming to work real fun.



Soothing Sounds Supplier, Fancy Coffee Aficionado

This place makes you feel like you are an actual person. Working here really gives me a chance to blossom. Because of my work at the café I was able to start my music club which gives me a lot of joy.



Sensational Sweets & Savoury Specialist

LCC is a really good place to work. I’ve been working here for nearly 2 years. I love cooking and baking and meeting new people. This work place makes me feel happy – we have an awesome team.



The Great All-Rounder

I love meeting new people. I really enjoy setting up the function room. All the staff here are really amazing. It makes me happy coming to work, I really enjoy it.



Colour Consultant, Underwater Ceramic Technician

I started work here about April 2016. I really enjoy coming to work, it gives me a good reason to get out of bed in the morning. I learn new skills, and this makes me feel proud of myself. I have lovely workmates and we communicate well with each other, we have fun. The café is a really good working environment.



Smile & Service Specialist

I like cooking and preparing food. Cooking cakes is my favourite thing to do. Being paid for work helps me save for a car.



Administrator of Humour

Working here is great for my life. It gets me out of the house and I work with cool people. We have fun.