…Ever thought buying a coffee would be helping someone? 

We make food to employ people, not employ people to make food.

We take great pride in preparing and serving delicious wholesome, fresh food and coffee. By doing so we are able to provide meaningful employment for people with different abilities that have previously faced barriers to employment.


We are unique…

Visiting Lagoon creek makes you feel like you’re a part of something special.

Our award winning café, breezeway and function room are surrounded by lovely gardens in a tranquil bush setting, nestled beside Lagoon Creek.   We share our space with teaming wildlife and lovely bush sounds. The incredible atmosphere that we enjoy is due to our very harmonious working environment, inclusiveness and a sense of belonging.

All our facilities are disability friendly and we pride ourselves on being inclusive to all – even your dogs are welcome!


We are a co-operative…

Not owned by anyone.

Lagoon Creek Café was founded for a greater purpose on the notion that inclusion, acceptance and contribution are desired by all. Our business provides this opportunity by focusing on people, not profits. Most people employ people to make food, we make food to employ people.

Thank you for your support.

All our staff are members of Caboolture Community Work Co-operative, with staff members sitting on the board of CCWC.